The Dosa evolution

Dosa! It is the first thing you hear the minute non-South Indian people you travel with you learn that know you are a South Indian. It could be the auto walla who was driving me from my meeting place to work or the Dutch official who you met for a story on a sunny afternoon….

Nagercoil, where sambar and pulisserry coexist

Adai pradhaman, pulissery olan, ada aviyal and puttu paruppu. They are my favourite dishes my mom makes when I go home. You are mistaken if you think I’m from Kerala. This is a traditional menu in my home town in Tamil Nadu. I hail from Kanyakumari district, which is situated in the Southernmost part of Tamil Nadu….

India that charms foreigners

We have read so many articles and seen enough documentaries that describe foreigners love for India,  its rich heritage, diversity and culture. They tell you that, these foreign nationals love our temples for the story behind them and its architecture. That is probably most of them see India through the coloured lens of what is…