Khan market, not a foodie paradise

I’m kind of beginning to miss exploring different cuisine that I got so used to in Chennai. Being in the food capital Delhi should ideally give me more opportunities and there are places that offer cuisine that are more authentic such as the Ethiopian food offered at the Ethiopian cultural centre or Tibetan food the Majnu ka Tila (Tibetan colony in Delhi). Somehow distance and finding the right company always put you off.

So all I have been able to try here was try pricey fusion food at Khan Market, firang’s hangout place in New Delhi. It was not bad and ambience was of course great but it is not what I would call a foodie paradise.

That does not mean this place is no good. For instance, I loved Cafe Turtle. It is just like Writers Cafe in Chennai. The first floor has wide collection of book and the second floor is the restaurant. It is not buzzing. So you would see a lot of people relaxing with a book or working peacefully on their laptops. There is no one hanging around the table waiting to see if you are done or not. The couple of time I have been there, during a weekday and weekend, it was pretty much the same.  If you are a foodie and looking to experiment, this is not a great place for that. It has limited options – sandwiches and pasta that does not stand out. I ordered Lebanese sandwich, which was too dry for me to enjoy and ordered fresh juice. It was average. 

Similar looking sandwich to the vegetarian version I ordered. Source: Cafe Turtle

But the place has a great bookstore where I bought an awesome book I didn’t even know I would love. The book was Hungry Empire – How Britain’s quest for food shaped the modern world by Lizzie Collingham. It is a fantastic book that tells history through food. It is a pretty heavy read and I’m nowhere near finishing.

Then you have places such as Perch, where you get decent but expensive coffee and other drinks. I have been here twice, both times to meet my sources. A great hangout place but not a foodie paradise.

Another place I have been too was The Big Chill. Pricey but a good place with plenty of options pasta, pizza and lasagna. But had an amazing ambience. The wall posters are yesteryear cinemas like the Hitchcock’s Psycho and Vertigo. Few of Audrey Hepburn’s too. It was bright and cheerful. I would not mind going to this place again.

Recently I visited Yum Yum Cha, a fusion Asian restaurant when a college mate of mine had come to Delhi for her visa interview. I finalised this restaurant for lot of reasons. They had varieties, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese; had good rating in Zomato and finally was closer to my work place. I’m glad I chose the place.

For starters we ordered sushi rolls of two flavours asparagus tempura and spicy avocado. We went with the waiter’s suggestion of Thai orange and kaffir lime for drinks and rice with stir fried tofu, mushroom and soy for main dish. I actually enjoyed the food experience.

But again. Khan market is a great hangout place if you want to kill couple of hours. Definitely not a place where you would want to go if you are looking to satisfy your foodie’s soul. I would look elsewhere if it were me. 

Thai orange and kafir lime drink
Veg Sushi roll – Asparagus tempura and Spicy Avocado
Main dish: Rice with stir fried tofu, mushrooms and soy sauce



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