Kimi no na wa, a movie with a soul

You watch so many movies, some good, mostly trash and others that just refuse to leave your mind like Kimi no na wa (Your name) by Makoto Shinkai.

I saw the movie when I was on the flight from Denmark to India two months back. It has possessed me since then. I chose the movie randomly from the huge list provided. Hardly did I know then that I was going to watch one of the best movies I had till date. (Yes, I loved it more than Baabubali.)

Your name was an romance anime, of course. It was a love story of a boy meets girl, they fall in love kind of story. But it is not any regular meeting. The girl Mitsuha and boy Taki meet each other in their dreams as they switch bodies and are forced to live each of their lives. They fall in love. If only the story had been as simple with full of cliches with happily ever after. It probably would not have been this great a movie then.

There are happy moments, funny ones and ‘doki-doki’ times moments too. Just when you are thinking things are going fine, the director manages throw us off the loop. It happens every single time that you are always on the edge of the seat wondering how it is going to end.

Another plus for the movie was the characterisation and the way the characters interact with the place they dwell.  There was so much depth to characters, even the minor ones. The way it explored supernatural was very different from that of Hayao Miyazaki of much famed Spirited Away. It hit much closer to home as it explored the supernatural beliefs prevalent in smaller towns and how it dictates their life. (In the movie the place exists in Gihu prefecture in Japan.)

Romance, though subtle, warms you as Mitsuha and Taki struggle to meet as their desire to be with each other grows. You acknowledge and wait for the moment they could finally be together. Love, the movie states, could overcome any barrier. Even when they can no longer remember each but for the feelings each harbour and the faint memory they seemed to have shared.

Music was another great asset. The background music and songs that accompanies attract you as much as the movie. The melody be it ‘Nandemonai ya’ or ‘Sparkle’ does not fail to move you.

That is probably why I’m unable to forget the rush of emotions, sadness, happiness, anxiety and distress, I felt when I watched it. For me the movie transcended beyond clever editing and computer graphics. To me, it seemed like the movie had a soul of its own. It was very much alive, much like you and me and the surroundings we live in.


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