An ode to coffee

There are two types of people, those who love coffee and the rest who don’t.
Indeed I’m a hardcore coffee lover (and drinker) and I say this divide because I never really have come across someone who has said otherwise about this magic drink.
I had always equated the aroma of filter coffee to the calm and beautiful morning in the luxury of home. A steaming cup of hot coffee in the morning gives the great start to the day like no other.(Yes I have hundreds of people who could attest this)
As long as I can remember coffee had always be there in my life. The drink knows each and every mood, the ups and downs, and the happy and sad times. It is an elixir for the depressed and nothing cures a bad headache as fast as a cup of strong filter coffee.
Contrary to the popular belief, drinking coffee doesn’t affect your health any more than the usual beverages we take.
From the range of advertisements starting from the legendary Usilamani’s “Besh Besh” Narasus’s coffee and Aravind Swami’s Leo coffee to the Nescafe starring Suriya and Karthi’s Bru, the omnipresent south Indian drink never lost its charm though have changed many forms.
From the beginners who start with the a cup of coffee a day to the recurring, with lets just say, many cups a day, there is no one who has figured out what is it about coffee that makes them want to come back day and night and continue the cycle.
Is it the caffeine or the mixture of the powdered coffee bean and chicory that gives the taste it tastes or is it the combination of everything?
Well whatever that it is I hope the taste never changes for it is a vocation that has been passed on for generations, a cult that sets us apart and a religion that unites us like no other.
Long live Coffee!

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