Yet another bowl of Ramen in Chennai

I tried Ramen again. This time in GoGo Ramen, a Japanese Ramen restaurant in Chennai. 

I have tried Ramen in two other places before. However the taste was not quite the same and it differed from one shop to another. But I loved all the three, probably for their distinct versions. The one I had in Aki Bay was a little bland yet rich (like any other Japanese food) with flavoursome broth. My first ramen in Sushi in a Box was light but it was more like soupy noodles than Ramen now that I think about it. The one I had in GoGo Ramen was again rich, a little spicy with lot of ingredients on top. I had difficulty finishing it. 

Since there is nothing much to say, I will just let you have your eyes full with these pretty pics to Ramen. 

Bowl of Ramen. That is shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower and fried tofu on top.


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