A ship to nowhere

I had gone to Hong Kong couple of years ago. The place did not impress me. What did was the visage of a ship on the ocean when I was on a Ferris wheel in the Ocean Park, an amusement park in Hong Kong. The text that follows captures what went through my mind when I was sitting on the wheel, looking at the ship. 

It was raining. Tiny pellets of water looked liked dew drops on shiny mass of velvety black hair. It was impossible to see its origin. But when you are on the top of a Ferris wheel you think you could, it makes you think you can. The world from there looked infinite, blue and incomprehensible. 

A ship amidst the mist and deceiving still waters of the ocean was swaying deeper into the sea. It looked tiny from afar and was painted in black and gold. The vessel cutting through the waters to reach the unknown destination would be full of people – chatting, playing, sleeping and loving. 

The possibility of seeing anything beside the wide expanse of the ocean that devours the sense of realism would be arousing. There would be a few on the deck who could see beyond the sea, drifting along the wind to the world far away wishing never to return; couples lost in their thoughts and in each other intertwined, may be more than locked just by their lips undeterred by heaves and surges over the waves missing the bergs; angry men and desolate women finding solace and regaining their footing on the frothing water, for there is nothing around but frothing water.   

Tantalizing salty air of the huge sapphire shining under the rutilant sun teases your senses, tempts the wild and seduces the weak and never conquered, for even the brave succumbs to the lurid sea that swells with mysteries which the ordinary men can never fathom.

Tales of pirates and legend of mysterious mermaids, the fables of Kraken and memories of Medusa would stay for as long as the myths float and the humans talk; as far as world’s end, if there really is one. 

Visage of the vessel, a reflection of the dreams of bygone days, stirred the desire to be on that ship to nowhere. Yawing and swaying , crossing over seven seas, swimming with the cetaceans, lying under the stars dreaming of the past, waking up to a storm wailing for the lost, travelling beyond your infancy only to lose yourself to the unknown!


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