Russian Winter Palace in Chennai

Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia was once the official residence of Russian monarchs first built in 1700s. Architecture of the palace resembled that of its European counterparts in the Petrine Baroque style in shades of white and green that resembled snow.

So why am I talking about some palace in Russia? You could say this is offshoot of my visit to The Winter Palace restaurant in Chennai.

The place caught my eye when I visited the Russian Cultural Centre in Kasturi Ranga road in Chennai for a press meeting. Though I had always meant to visit the place, I never got an opportunity until today.

When I entered I found the ambiance was pleasant. The restaurant and its interior was noticeably designed based on the epic Russian Winter Palace in the shades of white and blue. The builders have sure tried to bring out the imperial setting through their decors. Since it was a weekday, it was just my friend and I and found the atmosphere relaxing.

Winter Palace restaurant interior

Given that it was the first time we were trying out Russian cuisine, we left it to our attendant to point out the best dishes. As always, there were limited vegetarian options to choose from. I choose Borscht from the list of soups. It is a Russian soup made of beetroot and red beans. There was only one option for main course – veg goulash, made of organic vegetables with tomato-based creamy sauce served with butter rice.

Borscht soup made from beetroot and redbeans

Borscht was a little different from soup I had tasted before. It was little bland but with well blended flavours from red beans and beetroot. Though I had reservations about mixing soup with yogurt, which was a topping, it surprisingly went with the deep red soup.

Main course Veg goulash made of mixed vegetables in creamy tomato sauce with butter rice.

Next was the main course, veg goulash, which I loved. There was only small quantity of rice that went with organic vegetables with tomato-based creamy sauce. I thought initially the quantity was too small. But by the time I finished the course, I was full. It is partially because of rich creamy sauce the vegetables were dipped in. They were fulfilling and the tomato added needed punch to the mild-tasting butter rice.

I finished the place without a single crumb left when I left the restaurant.


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