Battling caffeine hangover

When you wake up with a very bad headache after gulping down you-forgot-how-many glasses of wine, just the aroma of coffee can stimulate your muddled brain. Take a shot of caffeine, you are almost normal. Coffee is the best hangover medicine.

But what if you are suffering a hangover from overdose of caffeine? You just have to live on one kilo orange and half kilo strawberry till your body is purged of caffeine.

A month ago I attended a barista workshop to learn more about my favourite beverage. I learnt about coffee, how it is processed and made. What is more interesting was that I was able to try different coffee blends in the two hour session. It must have downed at least 10-12 cups of coffee. I was on cloud nine, literally. I could not stop laughing and only vaguely aware of what I was doing. When I came home that evening I downed my dinner like a hungry wolf. Given the amount of caffeine, it was only natural that I did not get any sleep that night.

Next morning I woke up with a headache. Not knowing what caused it, I thought it was some allergic reaction to food. I hated the taste of coffee that morning and puked whatever I ate. It was then that I realised that it could be because of caffeine overdose. I looked up in the internet for a remedy for caffeine overdose. All I could find was explanations of why one gets a caffeine hangover and how to avoid it.  There was no mention of what to do when one gets it, except not to have anymore coffee.

As I was thinking of how to get rid of the maddening headache, I remembered drinking cans of orange juice when I got high on space cakes and wine in Amsterdam. It helped me clear my head. I decided to bet on Vitamin C to get through the day. I got one kilo orange and half kg strawberry from nearby shop. I made two bottles of orange juice for lunch and boxed strawberry for snack in case I got hungry.

As the day wore on, I could feel my headache alleviate. If it felt like carrying a one kg rock on my head in the morning, the burden was reduced to half kg by evening. I drank ginger tea instead of usual coffee and breathed fresh air. As night descended, the headache that was weighing me came down to almost nil.

When I went home hungry I gobbled hot idly with piping hot pepper rasam, a South Indian dish made of tamarind base, that night. I slurped the remaining rasam, for the sharpness of pepper helped me get back my sanity.

As I slept, all I could think was I can have by usual quota of coffee when I wake up tomorrow.



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