Be my guest, SRK

Shah Rukh Khan in Bemyguest video. Source: NewsX
Shah Rukh Khan in Bemyguest video. Source: NewsX

I was watching a video campaign by the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing called “Be My Guest”. The video features Shah Rukh Khan charming people of Dubai in several of his avatars – a waiter, jogger and helper at a shoe shop.

This is surely a brilliant marketing move to invite people to Dubai, the city of sun and sand.

The video campaign might as well have garnered attention of million with the sheer presence of SRK, a feat not many celebrities can achieve. It worked because it was SRK, the King Khan, who in his many avatars charmed me and millions with his shy smile, brilliant grin and reluctant laugh only his fans can appreciate. Even in his fifties, I could still see the boy surfacing when he smiles. 

From awkward anti-hero in Darr back in 1980s to King of romance and Baadshah of Bollywood in 2000s, he has donned many acts and have come a long way. Not many would agree that SRK is a good actor. For them he is nothing more than a love sick hero, who can do anything other than smile and make women swoon. He has always proved them wrong again and again that if he wanted to he could be anyone, be it a NASA scientist in Swades or strict hockey coach in Chak De India. He made these roles his and his alone. And the video is a very example of why, it had to be him for the video to work.

This how the video goes, SRK mingles with the crowd and does what you and I do. Going for a morning jog, order in a restaurant, play beach volley ball and shop in a mall. Only that when he encounters the people, he renders them speechless. I could imagine very well what it would do to my system if I were to see waiting for me in the restaurant. I would just cry out loud just the lady in the video and may be even request a hug or kiss.

It very well could have been me there, each and every one of them. In a plane, playing tourists among skydivers, jogging in the morning alongside an unsuspecting woman and surprising her with just a smile, playing volleyball on the sandy beach with 10 other people and finally a waiter in the restaurant when I least expect you to be there.

The video ends with SRK in black overalls mouthing ‘Be my Guest’ and signing of with his trademark grin pulling the black hoodie over his head. And I can’t deny my temptation to say, I will be.


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