My last blog of the Year 2016

A year gone by. Another on the way just like the last. Sometimes it makes me wonder, what is so great about the dawn of a new year. You did things you do every year, gotten drunk or may be if you had money, you took a vacation or two. People die and more babies…

Tamil drama, then and now

It is not often that I go to watch a drama on stage. Whenever I go, I find it refreshing. It is a good change of pace from usual high strung superhero movies and sloppy rom-coms that are way too common in the recent times.

When I met an Austrian in Margazhi music festival in Chennai

Though I have been living in Chennai for the past five years, Margazhi music festival was not something I look forward to. After my father’s desperate attempts to train me in classical music failed, partly due to my disinterest and my inability to follow, I kept my distance from this music for the past 23 years….

On a Chinese food trail

When I think about Chinese cuisine two things pop to my head – fried rice and noodles.They are the most popular of the Chinese cuisine and has become a part of most of the country’s food culture.

Margazhi in Chennai

In Chennai Tamil month Margazhi is a season of classical music and everything traditional. You will find Mylapore mamis in colourful kanchivaram sarees, girls in pattu paavadai chattai and men in veshti and kurtha hopping from one sabha to next to listen to their favourite singer’s katcheri.

Belgium’s Comic strip culture

When someone says they have been to Belgium, the first thing people ask is ‘Where are the chocolates?’ Or ‘So, did you try Belgian beer?’ More often than not a culture that lends unique flavour to the country is forgotten. It is the comics strip culture.

My first Ramen

After reading so much about Japan and its cuisine, it is only natural that I wanted to taste it. Thankfully there was enough Japanese restaurants in South Indian state Chennai and to my knowledge many have cropped up in the last few years alone. This sudden boom is not without reason.  Chennai is renowned as…

Be my guest, SRK

I was watching a video campaign by the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing called “Be My Guest”. The video features Shah Rukh Khan charming people of Dubai in several of his avatars – a waiter, jogger and helper at a shoe shop. This is surely a brilliant marketing move to invite people to…

The Iron Lady’s final journey

It was surreal to watch the funeral procession of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa from the terrace of my office building in Anna Salai. The fact that she is no more was just beginning to sink in and there she was in a glass coffin surrounded by flowers, followed by police and her ardent…

A tribute to our very own Iron lady, J Jayalalithaa

J Jayalalithaa – the most courageous, strongest and resilient Chief Minister Tamil Nadu ever had. She passed away on December 5, 2016 at the age of 68 in Apollo hospitals, Chennai. I knew it was coming, signs were there. Yet when the news stares at you on the white sheet of paper, it hits you…

A trip down the memory lane to spring of your times

Cherry trees are in full bloom. Evening breeze disperses pale pink petals on to streets. It is a signal that spring has arrived. Looking at it, a teenage girl smiles, with her head in clouds. She is already planning a lunch menu in her head for a date with her boyfriend under the cherry tree. It is sometime…

Samurai: yesteryear warriors and relics in modern times

Samurai. Swordsmen of ancient Japan clad in kimono with their long hair usually tied up. With katana (Japanese sword) swinging from their left waist, they look majestic. I had always held fascination for these yesteryear valiant warriors who disappeared in modern Japan. Apart from literature and museums, there is no samurai in sight either in…